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Where: McFarland High School - McFarland, WI

Who: Boys & Girls - 7th Grade-High School

When: Saturday, October 21st. 9:00am-12:00pm 

Registration: Email name & grade to secure spot. Payment will be collected at door


Where: First Immanuel Lutheran, Cedarburg, WI

Who: Boys & Girls Grades 3rd-8th

When: Saturday, November 4th. 9:00am-12:00pm 

Registration: Email name & grade to secure spot. Payment will be collected at door


Elevate your Game!

The philosophy of Josh Gasser Basketball is to maximize each player's and teams potential by stressing fundamentals, developing individual skills, and improving the mental aspect of their game. We will work on improving players' individual skills as well as their physical and mental performance using game-like skill training and competition. Skill development will focus on, but not be limited to: ball handling, shooting, footwork, attack/scoring moves, finishing around the basket, and defense. We will also focus on intangible aspects of the game from our experiences as college and professional basketball players including: hard work, leadership, toughness, confidence, teamwork, academics, etc.

We aim to provide an environment to aspiring basketball players that stresses discipline, day by day improvement, and joy of the game. Ultimately, if kids have a joy and passion for what they're doing, they will be more determined to work hard and learn.

We work with boys and girls of all ages and skill levels who want to learn and improve their overall skills. Whether it's playing high school basketball, college basketball, or earning a D1 scholarship, we want to help each athlete and team achieve whatever basketball goals they may have.

We offer many different options that can help your program, team, and players including: public camps, private camps, team sessions, individual lessons, and speaking engagements. We come to your school and program to help you improve!

Reach out to to hear more information/details or visit our Twitter @JGasserHoops


What we offer

Public Skills Camp

This "Josh Gasser Skills Clinic" is our most popular offering and opened up to all boys and girls who are interested in attending. Camp will be designed to enhance both physical and mental aspects of the game by learning fundamentals, improving individual skills, and competing against surrounding talent. We aim to provide a fun, hard working, and competitive environment where kids are able to learn, develop relationships, and improve with many different players. This will not be a camp where we run up and down playing 5v5. Instead, we will work hard on individual skill development including but not limited to: ball handling, attacking the hoop, shooting, footwork, scoring moves, finishing around the rim, and defense. We will also touch on important intangibles that are vital in being successful at a high level such as leadership, hard work, toughness, aggressiveness, teamwork, education, etc.

We try to make "Josh Gasser Skills Clinics" a one-day, 3-hour camp. Age groups vary ranging from 3rd-12th graders. Camp will be split up in two sessions based on host's desires (3rd-6th grade & 7th-12th grade, or 3rd-5th grade & 6th-8th grade, etc).

Local schools/programs interested in hosting will get an opportunity for their players to easily attend and receive program donation.

Private Skills Camp

This "Josh Gasser Skills Clinic" is closed to just one specific program/team. Coaches can have control of who can attend, what the focus of the camp is on, and other logistics. We will aim to do similar work as the Public Skills Camp, just limited to a specific school/program, but can also tailor it as a "Shooting Camp," "Defense Camp," "Scoring Camp," etc.

Individual/Small Group Training Lessons

We also work with individuals or small groups (2-8) of players on fundamentals and skill development. We will focus on improvement based on individuals' wants to get high quality work in a more focused setting (60-90 mins).

Speaking Appearance

We will visit a program's practice, camp, banquet, etc. to speak to teams about intangible parts of the game based on our experiences. This team building activity can help set goals and improve your chemistry, leadership, toughness, etc. to take your team to the next level.

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